Account and Subscription

In order to use Studio, you need to sign in to your Jmix account. To create an account, you only need to provide a valid email address.

Additionally, you can purchase a subscription which will unlock premium Studio features and provide access to commercial add-ons. The premium Studio features are also available without a subscription in small projects with up to 10 entities and roles.

Sign in to Account

When you run Jmix Studio for the first time, it will show the Jmix Sign In dialog. In this dialog, you should log in to your Jmix account or register the new one.

sign in dialog

Click on the Sign In / Register button. Jmix Studio will open an account login dialog:

sign in your account dialog
  • If you don’t have a Jmix account, click on the Register link. In the Registration form, fill in the First name, Last name, Email, and Password fields, accept the privacy policy and click on the Register button.

    The email address you entered will be used as your login and the primary email address for your account.

    After you have submitted the registration form, you should verify your email address to activate your account.

    email verification

    Find the verification email in your inbox and click the link in the email to finish the registration.

    Go back to the IDE and click the Log in button in the Email Verification window.

  • If you have a Jmix account, enter the Email and Password and click the Sign In button.


There are two commercial subscription plans: RAD and Enterprise. You can find the comparison of the free tier and commercial plans on the Subscription Plans and Prices page of the Jmix website.

RAD Subscription

The RAD (Rapid Application Development) subscription plan unlocks the following Studio premium functionality:

All premium Studio features listed above are available without an active subscription in small projects with up to 10 entities and roles.

When you log in to the Studio for the first time, you get the RAD trial subscription. It is active for 28 days and allows you to evaluate premium features in projects of any size.

jmix subscription

After the trial subscription expires, Studio will continue working without subscription, providing premium features only for small projects.

Enterprise Subscription

The Enterprise subscription plan, in addition to all features of the RAD plan, provides access to commercial add-ons: BPM, Business Calendars, Maps, Notifications, WebDAV, and the BPMN Designer in Studio.

The commercial add-ons are located in a separate artifact repository, which is automatically added to your project’s build.gradle when you install the add-on using the Marketplace. Besides, Studio writes the repository credentials to the .gradle/ file located in your home folder. For more information about the repository and its credentials see the installation instructions of the particular commercial add-on.

You can try out commercial add-ons by requesting the Enterprise trial as described in the Account, Billing, and Subscription Management section.

Subscription Information

The Jmix Subscription window displays information about your account and subscription. You can open it using the Settings (gear) → Account Information action of the Jmix tool window.

jmix account info

The account information is also displayed on the Welcome screen:

account info welcome screen