Using Studio

Jmix Studio IDE offers features to enhance your productivity when developing applications based on Jmix framework.

Jmix Studio is based on an open-source IntelliJ Platform and extends its functionality with the following specific features:

  • Scaffolding of Gradle build scripts.

  • Scaffolding of data model, database schema, and CRUD UI.

  • WYSIWYG designer of screen layout.

  • Developer-friendly features that boost the coding process: actions, intentions, inspections, references.

  • Support for easy internationalization.

  • Creating data model and UI screens for an existing (legacy) database.

  • Hot (re)deploy.

  • Easy migration to new versions of Jmix framework and add-ons.

IntelliJ Platform provides a strong foundation for the Jmix Studio. It contains many features that boost Jmix developer productivity, such as ergonomic user interface, smart completion, safe code refactorings, background inspections, built-in version control, and integration with Gradle. If you have not used IntelliJ IDEA before, we highly recommend you to visit Learn & Support section of the IntelliJ IDEA website to get a quick tour of its basic features.