Jmix Plugin Settings

Jmix Plugin Settings dialog contains settings related to all projects opened in this Studio instance. You can access the dialog from the toolbar of the Jmix Tool Window.

plugin open

On the Jmix tab, you can configure the following settings:

  • In the Additional templates artifact field, you can specify the custom templates artifact group and name separated by a colon, for example,

  • Send anonymous usage statistics and automated crash reports - you can choose whether you want to send anonymous statistics or not.

  • You can check the Use constructor injection checkbox if you want to use constructor injection in Spring beans.

On the Project Settings tab, you can select the programming language that will be used to generate code in projects with Kotlin support.

plugin language

If your project has mixed Java and Kotlin content, and you want to have control over the scaffolding language for every new entity, service, or screen, then set the Always Ask value in the drop-down list. This setting is displayed only for projects with Kotlin support enabled.

The Enable hot deploy checkbox is selected by default. It enables Hot Deploy technology.

You can manage drivers in the Database Drivers tab.

plugin drivers