Follow the instructions to install add-ons into your project:

  1. Launch Jmix Studio and switch to Jmix tool window.

    tool window
  2. Expand the Settings menu from the toolbar and select Marketplace.

  3. Find the add-on and click Install.


    In case you are trying to install a commercial add-on, you need to enter your license key. If you haven’t done it before, you’ll see the window with the field. Enter the key and click Install.

    license key
    Also, you can get a trial version of the commercial add-on for 28 days. To get the trial, go to the marketplace page on the Jmix website, find the add-on, and follow the instructions that appeared by clicking the Get trial button.
  4. Then click Apply & Close.

    apply close

    The add-on will be installed to your project.