Automatic Models Deployment

BPMN processes and DMN tables can be automatically deployed on the application startup.

Use the following Flowable application properties:

  • flowable.process-definition-location-prefix – defines the folder in which processes need to be searched for auto deployment.

    Default value is classpath*:/processes/.

  • flowable.process-definition-location-suffixes – defines the suffixes (extensions) of the files that need to be deployed from the process-definition-location-prefix location.

    Default value is **.bpmn20.xml,**.bpmn.

  • flowable.dmn.resource-location – defines the location where the DMN resources are located.

    Default value is classpath*:/dmn/.

  • flowable.dmn.resource-suffixes – defines the suffixes for the resources that need to be scanned.

    Default value is **.dmn,**.dmn.xml,**.dmn11,**.dmn11.xml.

Only files that were modified since the last application start will be deployed.

Here is an example of locating processes and DMN resources in the derectories by default.