Business Calendars

The add-on allows you to manage business calendars containing holidays, scheduled, and additional business days. It provides API for working with dates and times considering business hours defined by the calendars.

business calendar list


This add-on requires the Enterprise subscription. If you don’t have the subscription, see how to get the trial version below.

For automatic installation through Jmix Marketplace, follow instructions in the Add-ons section.

For manual installation, follow the steps below.

  1. Configure access to the premium repository.

    • Add the premium repository to your build.gradle:

      repositories {
          // ...
          maven {
              url = ''
              credentials {
                  username = rootProject['premiumRepoUser']
                  password = rootProject['premiumRepoPass']
    • Add premium repository credentials to ~/.gradle/


      Get the repository credentials from your license key: the first part of the key before dash is the repository user name, the part after dash is the password. For example, if your key is 123456123456-abcdefabcdef, then the user name is 123456123456 and the password is abcdefabcdef.

  2. Add dependencies to your build.gradle:

    implementation 'io.jmix.businesscalendar:jmix-businesscalendar-starter'
    implementation 'io.jmix.businesscalendar:jmix-businesscalendar-ui-starter'

Trial Version

You can get a trial version of the add-on by visiting the add-on page on the Jmix Marketplace website.

The trial add-on is available for 28 days after the first request. You can install it and use in a test project during this period.

After the trial period is expired, the application using the add-on will not run.

Trial add-ons can be used only with the latest Jmix framework version. We recommend creating a new test project and installing the trial add-on into it.