Getting Started with Superset

This section provides a guide on how to get started with integrating Superset into your application.

You will use the Onboarding application created in the Tutorial section as a starting point. You can download the complete source code of this application from the jmix-framework/jmix-onboarding-2 GitHub repository.

Open the project in Jmix Studio and add the Superset add-on according to the installation section.

The original data model of the Onboarding application looks as follows:

data model diagram

Add the salary attribute of the Float type to the User entity.

To see some salary numbers in demonstration data, assign a salary value in DemoDataInitializer.initUsers() method or just update users manually when you run the application.

The salary and department attributes will serve as the basis for the following charts in a Superset dashboard:

  • A bar chart to compare employees' salaries.

  • A table with the average salary by department.

  • A card to show the employees' average salary.

embeded dashboard