List Component Actions

List component actions work with collections of entities that are displayed in dataGrid or treeDataGrid. These components implement the ListDataComponent interface.

When a list action is added to a dataGrid or treeDataGrid, it can be invoked from the component’s context menu. Usually, actions are also invoked by associated buttons.

For example:

<hbox classNames="buttons-panel">
    <button action="departmentsTable.create"/>
    <button action="departmentsTable.edit"/>
    <button action="departmentsTable.remove"/>
<dataGrid id="departmentsTable" dataContainer="departmentsDc">
        <action id="create" type="list_create"
                actionVariant="SUCCESS" icon="PLUS_CIRCLE"/>
        <action id="edit" type="list_edit"/>
        <action id="remove" type="list_remove"/>
list actions 1

Below are the standard list action types.


Action class: AddAction

Adds existing entity instances to a data container by looking them up in a list view. Can be used to fill a many-to-many collection.


Action class: CreateAction

Creates a new entity instance in the entity detail view.


Action class: EditAction

Edits the selected entity instance in the entity detail view.


Action class: ExcludeAction

Removes entity instances from a data container. Unlike list_remove action, list_exclude does not remove the selected instance from the data store. It is required, for example, when working with a many-to-many collection.


Action class: ReadAction

Opens the entity detail view in the same way as list_edit action, but makes all fields non-editable and disables save actions. If you want to allow users to switch the view to the editable mode, add the detail_enableEditing action to the view.


Action class: RefreshAction

Reloads the data container used by the list component (dataGrid, etc.).


Action class: RemoveAction

Removes entity instances from the data container in UI and from the data store.