multiSelectListBox allows users to select multiple values from a scrollable list of items using checkboxes.

  • XML element: multiSelectListBox

  • Java class: JmixMultiSelectListBox


Use the itemsContainer or itemsEnum attribute is used to create a list of items:

    <collection class="" id="hobbiesDc"> (1)
        <fetchPlan extends="_base"/>
        <loader id="hobbiesDl">
                <![CDATA[select e from Hobby e]]>
    <multiSelectListBox itemsContainer="hobbiesDc"/> (2)
1 CollectionContainer for the Hobby entity.
2 multiSelectListBox gets hobbiesDc as an items container so that the list of hobbies displayed.
multi select list box basics


To generate a handler stub in Jmix Studio, use the Handlers tab of the Jmix UI inspector panel or the Generate Handler action available in the top panel of the view class and through the CodeGenerate menu (Alt+Insert / Cmd+N).


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