Project Properties

Project Properties editor allows you to configure your project. You can open it from the toolbar of the Jmix Tool Window.

prop open

In the Jmix tab, you can configure project repositories.

prop jmix
  • In the Repository field, you can choose one of the available repositories. If you want to use several repositories, select Custom repository and add them. In the table, you can choose repositories currently used in the project. Studio scans these repositories to discover what framework versions are available. You can also manually register any number of additional dependencies containing application components in the build.gradle script.

  • The Jmix version field displays version of the framework used in the project. The Change‚Äč link located nearby allows you to upgrade the framework version, an automatic migration will be performed if required.

In the Locales tab, you can set locales used in your application. The editor also enables defining or overriding format strings for parsing and formatting data.

prop locales

In the Artifact tab, you can define coordinates of your project. By default, the artifact name is the name of your project and is taken from the settings.gradle file. Version and group is taken from the build.gradle file.

prop artifact

In the Server Settings tab, you can set the port and context path your project will be started at.

In the Dependencies tab, you can see and manage modules used in the project. You can also do it manually in the build.gradle file.

prop dependencies