Delete Entities

The Entities API finally allows you to delete entities that should be removed from the application. The corresponding endpoint is once again: /entities/:entityName/:entityId using the HTTP method DELETE.

Delete an Entity

The following example removes a previously created Customer:

DELETE http://localhost:8080/rest

In case the entity exists, the response status 200 - OK is returned without any response body, and the entity is deleted from the application. In case the entity is not found, 404 - Not Found is returned.

The Entities API takes Soft Deletion into consideration. Depending on the setting of the entity, the instance is either only soft-deleted or deleted entirely from the database.

Bulk Delete

The Delete-Entity API also allows you to delete multiple entities within one request. For this the JSON request body should contain an array of IDs representing each entity.

Bulk Update Request
DELETE http://localhost:8080/rest


In case all entities could be deleted, the HTTP response code 200 - OK is returned.