Entity Log

Entity Log is a mechanism for tracking changes in your JPA entities. It records changes in entity attributes and provides a user interface for searching and displaying information about the changes:

  • What entity instance was changed.

  • Old and new values of changed attributes.

  • When the entity was changed.

  • Which user changed the entity.


To include Entity Log functionality in your application, add the following lines to the dependencies section of your build.gradle file:

implementation 'io.jmix.audit:jmix-audit-starter'
implementation 'io.jmix.audit:jmix-audit-ui-starter'


Entity Log automatically tracks changes of JPA entities when they are saved using DataManager. It doesn’t work if you use EntityManager or native SQL.

You can also use the EntityLog bean to register changed entities from your application code. In this case, invoke registerCreate(), registerModify() and registerDelete() methods with auto parameter set to false. When the entity log is called automatically by the framework, this parameter is set to true.