Dashboard Chart Add-on

This add-on provides an additional Chart widget for the Dashboards add-on. The Chart widget is based on a report that has a template with the Chart output type.


First, install Reports and Charts add-ons. After that, add the following dependency to your build.gradle:

implementation 'io.jmix.dashboards:jmix-dashboards-chart-starter'

Using in Dashboard

After the Dashboard Chart add-on is added to the application, a new Chart widget appears in the Dashboard editor screen.

chart widget

Move the Chart widget to the canvas. In the Widget editor dialog, select a report. Only reports with a chart output will be displayed in the list.

chart widget editor

To update the chart automatically on a dashboard update, select the Refresh automatically checkbox.

Here is an example of displaying a chart in a dashboard:

For successful execution of the report the chart widget is based on, be sure you granted user access to entities used in the report.