The main purpose of the WebDAV add-on is to give access to files located in the file storage through the WebDAV protocol. This allows users to seamlessly open and edit files using their desktop applications (Word, Excel, LibreOffice, etc.) without the need to download and upload files to the web application.

The add-on provides the following additional features:

  • Document version control. If the versioning is enabled for a document, a new version of the document is created on the server each time the document is updated.

  • Configurable conflict resolution policies that help in collaborative work on documents.

  • Granting and restricting access to certain documents.

  • UI components to work with files and versions.

  • Access to files from external systems using static links.


This add-on requires the Enterprise subscription. If you don’t have the subscription, see how to get the trial version below.

For automatic installation through Jmix Marketplace, follow instructions in the Add-ons section.

For manual installation, follow the steps below.

  1. Configure access to the premium repository.

    • Add the premium repository to your build.gradle:

      repositories {
          // ...
          maven {
              url = 'https://global.repo.jmix.io/repository/premium'
              credentials {
                  username = rootProject['premiumRepoUser']
                  password = rootProject['premiumRepoPass']
    • Add premium repository credentials to ~/.gradle/gradle.properties:


      Get the repository credentials from your license key: the first part of the key before dash is the repository user name, the part after dash is the password. For example, if your key is 123456123456-abcdefabcdef, then the user name is 123456123456 and the password is abcdefabcdef.

  2. Add dependencies to your build.gradle:

    implementation 'io.jmix.webdav:jmix-webdav-starter'
    implementation 'io.jmix.webdav:jmix-webdav-rest-starter'
    implementation 'io.jmix.webdav:jmix-webdav-ui-starter'

To enable building your project after the Enterprise subscription is expired, it is recommended to set up a Private Artifact Repository while the subscription is still active.

Trial Version

You can get a trial version of the add-on by visiting your profile page. Just click on the Get Enterprise trial button in the Subscriptions section.

Trial versions of commercial add-ons will stop working in 28 days after requesting the trial Enterprise subscription. An application including expired trial add-ons will not run.


Desktop applications use basic authentication when connecting to the server through WebDAV, so you have to setup HTTPS for your web application. See Configuring HTTPS for an example of setting up HTTPS on localhost for development purposes.

Minimal Requirements

The minimum version of Microsoft Office required for opening documents via the WebDAV protocol is MS Office 2010 SP2 or higher. The minimum version of LibreOffice is 6.3.

To check which versions of Microsoft Office and Service Pack (SP) are installed on your computer, launch MS Word and open the Product Information section from File → Help. Service Pack 2 for MS Office 2010 (and later versions) should have the following number: 14.0.7015.1000 (or greater). To update your Service Pack, follow this link.