Screen Wizard

Studio provides a wizard that helps you to create screens from templates. To create a new screen, use the menu in the Jmix Tool Window.

wizard create screen

In the appeared dialog, you will see a list of templates. Follow the steps of the wizard to create a new screen.

wizard templates

If you want to create a CRUD screen for an entity, you can select the entity in the tree and click New → Screen. Another way is to click Screens on the top panel of the Entity Designer.

wizard entity

Studio will show a list of available templates. You can modify the automatically generated screen properties.

wizard properties

At the Entity browser fetch plan and Entity editor fetch plan steps, you can select the amount of data that will be displayed in the screens. You can use one of the built-in fetch plans or create your own with the help of Fetch Plan Designer or programmatically.

wizard fetch

After clicking the Finish button, the screen XML descriptor and screen controller will be created. Message Bundle file will be updated. In case of creating a browser screen, a new menu item will be added to the main menu.

Use Screen designer to set up your screens.