RichTextArea allows users to enter or edit formatted text. The toolbar provides all basic editing functionalities. The value of RichTextArea is an HTML string.

rich text area

Component’s XML-name: resizableTextArea.


RichTextArea replicates the functionality of TextField, except that you cannot set a datatype for it. So, RichTextArea allows you to work only with text and entity attributes of type String.

Usage Example:

<richTextArea id="richTextArea"/>
private RichTextArea richTextArea;

public void onInit(InitEvent event) {
    richTextArea.setValue("<i>Jackdaws </i><u>love</u> " +
            "<font color=\"#0000ff\">my</font> " +
            "<font size=\"7\">big</font> <sup>sphinx</sup> " +
            "<font face=\"Verdana\">of</font> " +
            "<span style=\"background-color: " +