Backoffice UI Properties


Determines an initial mode for the main application window – TABBED or SINGLE. In the SINGLE mode, when a screen opens with the NEW_TAB parameter, it completely replaces the current screen instead of opening a new tab.

Default value: TABBED


Determines whether the HtmlSanitizer bean should be used by the UI components implementing the HasHtmlSanitizer interface to prevent cross-site scripting (XSS) in HTML content. The sanitization can also be enabled or disabled by individual components using htmlSanitizerEnabled attribute.

Default value: true


Defines the default number of options on one page of the drop-down list in the ComboBox and EntityComboBox components. It can be overridden for a concrete instance of the component using the pageLength XML attribute.

Default value: 10.


Defines whether the default screen can be closed by close button, ESC button or TabSheet context menu when TABBED work area mode is used.

Default value: true


Defines a screen to be opened after login. This setting will be applied to all users.

For example:

jmix.ui.defaultScreenId = sample_Order.browse


An identifier of a screen to be used as main screen of the application.

Default value: MainScreen


Defines the maximum number of tabs that can be opened in the main application window. The value of 0 disables this limitation.

Default value: 20


Maximum file size (in megabytes) that can be uploaded using the FileUploadField, FileMultiUploadField, FileStorageUploadField components.

Default value: 20.


An identifier of a screen to be used as login screen of the application.

Default value: LoginScreen


Defines the name of the theme used as default. See also jmix.ui.themeConfig.

Default value: helium.


Defines a <theme-name> file or files that store theme variables, such as default popup window dimensions and input field width.

Default value:

io/jmix/ui/theme/ \
io/jmix/ui/theme/ \


Defines the keyboard shortcut that closes the current screen.

Default value: ESCAPE


Defines the layout of the dialog displayed when a user attempts to close a screen with unsaved changes in DataContext.

Value of true corresponds to a layout with three possible actions: "Save changes", "Don’t save", "Don’t close the screen".

The value of false corresponds to a form with two options: "Close the screen without saving changes", "Don’t close the screen".

Default value: true