Backoffice UI Properties


Determines whether the HtmlSanitizer bean should be used by the UI components implementing the HasHtmlSanitizer interface to to prevent cross-site scripting (XSS) in HTML content. The sanitization can also be enabled or disabled by individual components using htmlSanitizerEnabled attribute.

Default value: true


Defines the default number of options on one page of the drop-down list in the ComboBox and EntityComboBox components. It can be overridden for a concrete instance of the component using the pageLength XML attribute.

Default value: 10.


Defines the name of the theme used as default. See also jmix.ui.themeConfig.

Default value: helium.


Defines a <theme-name> file or files that store theme variables, such as default popup window dimensions and input field width.

Default value:

io/jmix/ui/theme/ \
io/jmix/ui/theme/ \